I’ve moved!

I am not very computer savvy…and am on a limited budget (I didn’t want to pay someone) so I didn’t completely move this site to a new one…but I’ve gone ahead a created my very own site/domain!


I will be keeping this site up for a while…hoping that if I get new readers on the new site, they may want to jump back here and check out my past, but I won’t continue posting here.

Hope to see you all over on Primrose Project!



Oh hi there!

Sorry it’s been so long, but life has been busy. There have been some ups and some downs, but now we’re here. One day before March is to begin.

March, to me, is a month of new beginnings. Winter is (hopefully, please!) nearly over and spring is (hopefully) going to begin to peek out. last fall I planted 100 bulbs. Hyacinth and tulips galore. I can’t wait to see them begin to pop out.

And with March, will (fingers crossed) bring a change or two around here. I may not have been sharing this last month, but the wheels have been churning!

But first, I’m tired. Seriously. T.I.R.E.D. Like, I’m typing from my iPad propped up by pillows because my muscles are on strike thanks to a great No Dogs hot yoga session after work.

Time for bed and think happy thoughts ‘cuz tomorrow’s Friday!


Friday 5…Catching Up!

Since it’s actually Sunday and not Friday, I’ll throw an extra couple into the mix!

1)      One week into classes and I’m already two days late with this post – not a good sign my friends, but that’s life.

2)      For days I’ve been hearing about this Winter Weather Storm Luna that’s gonna hit today.  And since I had to work this morning and then go to a fundraising activity in a neighboring town tonight, I figured I’d not be on the roads in the rain/ice/snow mix and packed up a bunch of things to keep me busy and just to go the event from my office.  Take a look at the radar, friends….


 looks to be nasty, right?   Looking outside at this very moment, there’s not a drop/flake/ice chip in sight.  Where’s it going? Chicago weather is fickle.  (UPDATE—it’s begun to snow!)

3)      This evening’s fundraiser à Bowl-a-thon!  An idea I brought to work a couple years ago and has been a huge hit!  Our high school youth group go on a work trip each summer, and they are charged with raising $10,000 to go towards their trip (the trip costs a whole lot more than that, but that’s their share of the fundraising).  Tonight’s event should bring in over $6,000!  <pat on my back for my brilliant and fun idea!>

4)      I fell off the Paleo wagon hard this morning – I just may have a concussion.  Or maybe I’m just falling into a sugar coma?  Darn coffee hour treats!  Must drink lots and lots of water to flush out the sugar and get myself back on the wagon.

5)      I’m supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow for part 1 of getting a crown, and I’m not sure I should go.  It’s for a tooth I’ve had no problem with, other than it’s chipped and she wants to crown it.  I’m scared it’s going to hurt, and I’m not sure I want to spend the money right away (should I wait for my tax return? Or just throw it on my credit card and then pay my credit card with the tax money?)…but then part of me keeps telling myself to just go and do it and get it over with.  Decision, decisions.

6)      I have a confession to make.  I watch Snookie & JWow on Mtv…and last week’s episode, when Snookies goes into labor – yea, I cried.  And she didn’t even have the baby…which means I’ll be crying watching their damn show again this coming week.

7)      So this is what I’m supposed to be doing right now

photo (38)

reading the prologue and chapters 1 & 2 for my Intro to Business class.  Instead…

photo (37)

 and now that we’re at #7 fun facts of me…I’m going to stop playing on the computer and start reading!

Have a great week friends!



Trying to keep warm


BURRRRR people!

It is so darn cold out there, and in here today.  While my particular office is warm, just outside my door there are drafts coming from every direction and so I just can not keep warm.  Hanging onto my mugs of hot coffee (with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, thank you Paleo day 1) and now hot tea is helping to keep my fingers warm, but my toe-ies are another story – it just may be time to kick off the shoes and snuggle into my warm and cozy Mucklucks boots…

In other, non-freezing-cold-related news, today marked my first day of my 7-day 100% Paleo diet challenge.

Last night I stocked up on tons of vegetables, fruits and lean meats…and vowed that I can do this for just 7 days.

And don’t you know, our personnel committee joined in on our weekly staff meeting this morning and brought bagels.  But I resisted!

Today also marks day one of the Spring 2013 semester.  I’m only taking 8 credit hours (3 classes) this round.  Two classes begin today, Intro to Business and English Comp; both are online…but after reviewing their syllabuses I’m glad I registered for only 3 classes this round!  Class #3 is a part online/part in class that doesn’t begin until the end of March…so by then I’ll be in a good rhythm with these two classes – because there will be lots of reading and writing involved.

So, I promise to do my best to keep up with you all here…but if not it’s only because I’m swamped with school and work.  I really, really need to do well this semester – when I do, I’ll be able to go back and be forgiven for the couple bad grades I have on my transcript (from way back when I didn’t realize how important school was) which will skyrocket my gpa so I can transfer onto a good bachelor’s program!

After work I’ll be racing over to campus to purchase one last book I need…and then I’ll be home snuggling up with my reading, under a big blanket!  If only the fireplace wasn’t part of the re-decorating zone – I sure could use a snuggle by the fireplace right about now.



Friday 5

1)      I suck at blogging lately…especially when I just realize I haven’t written anything in a week.  What I have been doing lately – thinking up things to say.  One of these days I’m going to sit down and get all my thoughts out and into the blog-o-sphere.

2)      Last weekend in pictures (something I had planned to do during the week but never got to:

Started at Milwaukee Public Market...

Started at Milwaukee Public Market…

Where we set up shop at Thief Wine...

Where we set up shop at Thief Wine…

Some had wine, I felt bubbly and went for a Bellini...

Some had wine, I felt bubbly and went for a Bellini…

Lots of shiny glasses...

Lots of shiny glasses…

Then we wandered down to Splash Bar to get creative with paints while enjoying a cocktail or two more...

Then we wandered down to Splash Bar to get creative with paints while enjoying a cocktail or two more…

My finished piece - what a fun way to spend a winter afternoon!

My finished piece – what a fun way to spend a winter afternoon!

3)      While I am finally enjoying my odd work scheduled (Tuesday-Friday and Sunday 1/2 day)…but having Monday’s off makes me immune to the Monday holidays.  While everyone else is enjoying their long weekend, I have to figure out when to take my comp-day – which is not an easy thing for me.

4)      I am so excited to spend the weekend with my girls (my bff’s two daughters)!  I’m picking them up as soon as I get off of work and we’re having a slumber party at my  place tonight and then who knows what we’re going to do all day tomorrow…oh the fun of hanging out with a 6 and 12 year old.

5)      I have to confess…I only made it through ½ of last night’s Grey’s Anatomy and so I’m sitting here at my desk, at work, watching the last half on my iPad (the coolest invention yet) because I’m dying to know how they’re going to spend their money.

Friday Five

Friday 5 fun facts

1)      The crafting bug is biting and I am antsy – there are so many neat things I’m seeing on Pinterest that I want to do, but I have no need or use for them.  So I’m thinking that I need to create an etsy shop.  I can get my crafting on, and sell the items and then all that money spent on supplies won’t go to waste.  Yep – that’s what I want to do.  Now, if I can only find the time to do it.

2)      You know how I said that I want 45 of my meals in January to be a salad, well last night I counted up how many salads I’ve eaten so far and I’m up to 14.  Only 31 more to go, in 21 days.  Oye…that’s a lot of lettuce.

3)      I anxiously await each and every post Camille does over here.  The pictures are amazing and the words she shares are equally beautiful and completely honest.  Her travels make me want to work twice as hard to earn/save so I, too, can travel a bit like she is.

4)      I have some changes around here I’m thinking of making – so many ideas in my head.  So I am going to take January, figure out exactly what I want to do and spend February learning and implementing.

5)      While I am not a huge winter fan (I cringe when the weatherman says “wind chill”) but I’ve chosen to live in the Chicago-land area because I do enjoy snow.  Today marks the 322nd day without measurable snow.  I miss snow.  I got a bit too excited when I learned about Winter Storm Gandolf (or is it Gandalf? Try googling it – both come up) and then disappointed when they said it was heading towards Canada and not Chicago.  Ugh

( P.S. When did they begin naming winter storms??? Me thinks it was “Snowmageddon” of 2011 – thoughts?).

January Goals

In twenty-twelve I let the darkness take over and got way off track with working towards goals and creating monthly goals. But, by mid December I begin feeling that excitement again!  I did some reflecting and looked back at last year’s goals and created new ones for this year, and started listing what I wanted to focus on in January.   Sorry that we’re four days into twenty-thirteen and I’m just now getting around to sharing them with you.

I can honestly say that when making my dinner choice on January 1, I kept this in mind as I ate a big salad instead of the most excellent cozy- winter-weather- comforting meal of homemade chicken pot-pie.  Only, and I must repeat, ONLY because I’m forcing myself to choose salad for half of my meal choices this month.  My hung-over/over-tired self really, really wanted otherwise, but being able to fill in that first box and get things started right – that felt awesome.

This year I am making my goals track-able.  So I created this poster…complete with circles and squares to color in as my checking-off markers.  By the thirty-first, this puppy is going to be so colorful!

Also new this year, I am going to stick to four main categories (Home, Food, Fitness & Self-Care), each containing 2-4 specific and measurable goals (those darn boxes I’m coloring in).   So here it is…here is what I’m focusing my January on…

photo (34)